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Pink ombre hair. Ombre is a color trend that’s quite attention-grabbing. Common hues of brown and blonde are meant to give a romantic allure to classic styles. However, we have unusual ombre combinations too; these are not meant to match with your clothes. On the contrary, the purpose of striking ombre colors is to help you make an impression,  make your crazy personality stand out and wow everyone around you. Here are 30 amazing pink ombre hair ideas you might want to test for this end of the year.

1. Delicious Pink Taffy

Unleash your inner dragon with this Khaleesi inspired, pink ombre goddess look.

Miranda used VPFashion white blonde hair extensions and Directions Cerise dye mixed with Lagoon Blue and lots of conditioner.

Pink ombre hair extensions

Instagram/ via mirandahedman


Pink Ombre Hair Extensions Tutorial:


2. Cotton Candy Dream

Jealous?? Me too!

The soft pink fades down to a light lavender and the result is nothing short of amazing. Kayla’s friend Amy is rocking a solid bold hot pink.

pink pastel ombre hair kayla hadlington

Instagram/ via kaylahadlington


Pastel pink ombre hair color

Instagram/ via kaylahadlington


Pastel Pink Hair Dye Tutorial

This heavenly look was created using Brite Organix ethical hair colour. Watch Kayla make it super easy for natural blondes to get this soft pink ombre fade without bleaching.


3. Bubblegum Pink

UK fashion blogger Amy Valentine is freaking killing it with this epic bubblegum pink look.

She uses Innoluxe to get that gorgeous soft texture.

bubblegum pink ombre hair amy valentine

Instagram/ via amyvalentinex


4. Pink Ombre Updo

Looking for a gutsy prom or wedding look?

This hot magenta updo should do the trick. Love the multi dimensions created by lacing soft white tips.

pink ombre updo erin mcginn

Instagram/ via jenniekaybeauty


5. Ashy Pink Temptress

This is simply not fair. The lips, the eyes, the hair!

Wait…I can’t stop. The nails, the choker, the finger tattoo!!

pink ombre hair color ideas dark hair

Instagram/ via kirstenzellers

Kristen Zeller’s hair is beyond pink ombre hair goals.

The ethereal look starts with a deep purple ash and melts seductively into pink pastel infinity. And her Windsor Store bodysuit is just slaying it.

pink ombre hair color ideas kirsten zellers

Instagram/ via kirstenzellers


6. Blushing Pink Ombre

The perfect blushing pink for blondes getting into color. Stylist star Katie Stevens used Pulp Riot blush clear with a touch of mercury.

blushing pink ombre hair

Instagram/ via pulpriothair


7. Stunning Pink Elegance

Jenny Strebe wows us with this masterpiece of pink ombre diffusion.

The colors were creating using a blend of Pearlesence and BLONDME premium from Schwarzkopf Pro.

cotton candy pink hair jenny strebe

Instagram/ via theconfessionsofahairstylist

You can find detailed instructions on how to achieve this elegant pink updo at the Sam Villa blog.

pink hair updo jenny strebe

Instagram/ via theconfessionsofahairstylist


8. Metallic Pink Locks

The styling wizards from Be Scene Studios have done it again.

This chic modern pink to grey was created using Schwarzkopf colors and Bombay Hair tape in extensions.

metallic pink ombre hair francis lola

Instagram/ via flamcis


9. Pink Mermaid

Dazzling pinks and purples melt into teasing azure tips.

Sabrina Montino achieved this vibrant look by mixing Paul Mitchell inks with conditioner. Results stay more vibrant on blonde haired girls.

pink mermaid hair sabrina montino

Instagram/ via hair_by_sabri


10. Pink Waves

A beautiful example of pink ombre open air balayage.

A masterful melt of a brown hair base with warm shades of pink and violet from Kelly Massias.

pink ombre balayage kelly massias

Instagram/ via kellymassiashair


11. Pastel Pink Perfection

This pink pastel is straight up next level. And those blonde highlights are destroying me.

pastel pink ombre hair tasha leelyn

Instagram/ via tashaleelyn


Watch YouTuber Tasha Leelyn show you how to get the perfect pastel pink…

Pastel Pink For Blonde Hair Tutorial:


12. Modern Pink Bob

An epic metallic pink bob from magical Unicorn Tribe member Cassandra DeRosa.

She was also amazing enough to share her color formula: 7SM Kendra Professional on roots and Pravana pink with a drop of magenta.

pink ombre bob cassandra derosa

Instagram/ via cassderosa


13. Pink Virgin

So fresh! I want. I want. I want!

Beauty blogger Hailie Barber is an angelic vision of pink awesomeness. She used Artic Fox Virgin Pink diluted with Arctic Mist.

arctic fox virgin pink hair hailie barber

Instagram/ via hailiebarber


14. Pink Ombre Waterfalls

Are you feeling some hair envy?

You can watch Emma’s Virgin Pink transformation here. And no, she doesn’t use extensions.

pastel pink ombre hair

Instagram/ via emma8bit


15. Pink Lollipop

Sophie proves that mermaids are real.

These gorgeous tresses were done using HH Extensions and Arctic Fox dye.

Pink ombre hair color ideas sophie lollipop

Instagram/ via sophielollipop

16. Sweet Sugar

Go blonde and pink to ensure you perfect the sweet as sugar, superstar look. The majority of your hair will need to be blond, ideally naturally. If you are dying it, be sure the color will hold when adding the pink. A delicate, light pink should be added to the tips and softly curled to frame your face. Just add sunglasses!

17. Subtle Pastel

Make a statement without being the one that stands out in the middle of the crowd for the wrong reasons. Choose a light, pastel purple such as lilac and dye the top half of your hair, allowing streaks of color to dip in the lower half.  The rest of your hair should, ideally, be blond. Add a few waves and enjoying looking and feeling like spring.

18. Pink Angel

Layered hair is the perfect complement to a delicate shade of pink. Add the pink so that it falls with the layers and allow them to fall on your shoulders. To finish this stunning look add a few traces of pink going upwards towards your scalp.

19. Two Tone Pink

This style suits wavy hair or straight hair, although it does need to be past your shoulders to justify the style. Color the top third of your hair in a pink of your choosing, as bright as you are comfortable going. Next dip dye the bottom third the same pink color. Leave your natural color in the middle. The contrast creates a stunning look guaranteed to attract the right man.

20. Pink Wonder

This style is a little more daring and goes against all the rules. Color your fringe a medium to bright pink. Ideally your fringe should be straight and cut just above your eyes. Then dye the ends of your hair the same color and leave the rest of your hair natural. This can work with any color hair and make you look like you have just come off the cat walk!

21. Pink Punk

If you have black hair, or are happy to dye it black you can create a beautiful style with a touch of punk. Pick an electric pink and dye the bottom half of your head, streaking it to blend it on the join. You will create a stunning mix of sophistication and fun!

22. Pink Flamingo

A slightly different take on the black to pink color scheme is to keep the top half black and the bottom part pink, ideally with an almost straight line on the color join. Add a few waves to disrupt the join slightly and create a dramatic look.

23. Hippy Pink

pink ombre hair_23

Keep it natural by choosing a very delicate shade of pink; something like candy pink works exceptionally well. Dip dye the end of your hair with this color and complement with a golden blonde across the rest of your hair. Add a few waves and a loose plait and achieve a perfect, contemporary hippy look.

24. Gentle Pink

Color your hair with a light pink all over and then add some bright, electric pink to the ends. Curling just the ends will add to the effect and leave people wandering if you are pink or blond! It is certain to be a conversation starter.

25. Pink Flower

If you really want to mix it you and look fabulous add a third color. Start with black hair at your roots and just starting to go down your head, then blend in a wave of blond and follow this with a medium pink. Ideally start with gentle curls and work down to criss-crossing waves.  You will look as pretty as a flower!

26. Multicolor

If you are feeling brave you can choose to go black and add a strip of golden blonde at the top of the bottom third of your hair. Follow this with a bright pink, magenta works well. Horizontal highlights are unusual but can look stunning!

27. Fairy Princess

Dispense with any attempt at natural hair and dye the top half of your hair electric pink, blend in a subtle purple to the bottom half and create the image of a fairytale princess. This is bold and beautiful; not one for the faint hearted.

28. The Siren

To add a bit of variance to the mix you can dip dye the bottom half of your hair pink and purple. Choose two colors which will blend nicely; if they are too similar the change of color will not be noticed, too bright and they will clash! The top half of your hair should be naturally, preferably a light brown or blonde. Creating a tight curl in the bottom half helps to create a bold, beautiful look.

29. Medium Chic

If your hair is only just past your shoulder it is still possible to pull off the ombre look. A grown out bob is just the right length to allow dark roots to be streaked with an electric blue. This can then blend into a rich purple which accentuates the blue. The package is finished with tips of pink fuchsia. Blended properly this look can be truly amazing!

30. Pink Goddess

Choose a deep pink, bordering on red and dye the top half of your long hair this color. The rest of your hair should be a strawberry blond to complement the initial blast of color. The look is completed by adding some gentle waves; keeping it as natural as possible. It is a subtle, yet powerful effect; stylish, chic and like a bohemian goddess!

Dare to be bold ladies and go pink this season!

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