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Long Bob Haircuts  are fun, feminine, and a great way  incredibly versatile and suit every face shape, making your face look less long and narrow.

Rose Byrne Bob Hairstyle: Round bob with thick side fringe


Celebrity Rose Byrne seems trendy and classy with a thick side fringe and her long, curved bob. Rose and her locks add additional volume together with subtle face-framing layers and a stunning light-reflecting radiance. Her dark, coffee-brown locks create a dramatic comparison with her fair complexion, and we love that she is kept her make-up natural and minimal. Use a light quantity-boosting shampoo to get voluminous locks

 Gwyneth Paltrow Bob Hairstyle: Long stark bob


Food writer Gwyneth Paltrow and American celebrity seems classy and stylish with her long, frank bob. This collarbone- as her hair skims her cheekbones, creating the illusion of a more slender face grazing bob hairstyle is an ideal length for Gwyneth. Fit summery blond locks with minimal eye makeup and naked pink lips for an intimate hint that is closing.

Emily Blunt Bob Hairstyle: Long, stylish bob


Celebrity Emily Blunt seems classy and stylish with her long brunette bob. Her middle parting lets her face is framed by her shiny locks, accentuating her bluey-green eyes. Keep your bob below your chin but above your collarbones to avoid making your face seem even more, if you’ve got a long face like Emily’s. Additional quantity at cheek level accentuates your cheekbones (the broadest part of your face), making your face look less long and narrow.

Tiffany Hines Bob Hairstyle: Round bob with fantasy bangs


American performer Tiffany Hines seems fantastic with her perfect round bob and fantasy side-swept bangs. Her bob is somewhat asymmetrical, with one side a little more than the other. The asymmetry balances out Tiffany’s strong jawline and prominent cheekbones, giving her a softer profile. She wears her bangs in fantasy pictures that accentuate her eyes and frame her face – just heavenly.

Jessica Simpson Bob Hairstyle: Long dip-dyed bob


Songstress Jessica Simpson seems nonchalant and carefree with her long dip-dyed bob. The long bob, or “lob” as it’s affectionately known, is an excellent choice to a moderate-length hairstyle. Long bobs are usually collarbone length or shorter, which is a flattering span for most face shapes. Dip-dye your ends for modern-day closing touch and a flirty.

Charlize Theron Bob Hairstyle: Wavy beachy bob 


South African-born actress Charlize Theron wears her blond locks that were summery in a wavy bob with side-swept bangs. We adore her honey-blond hair color and the deep side-parting that creates her hot side-swept bangs. To get tousled, beachy waves, work some texturizing spray into your locks and use a thin barreled curling iron on low heat. Use a light hairspray to keep you are all set and your waves set up.

Alexa Chung Bob Hairstyle: Messy boho bob


English model Alexa Chung has us green with envy with her boho bob that is dirty. This bob hairstyle is very dynamic with subtle volume and its many choppy layers, and Alexa keeps her seem romantic and nonchalant with wispy side bangs. Let your hair air dry for natural texture, or use a texturizing spray on hair that is straight and adopt flyaway hairs.

Nicole Richie Bob Hairstyle: Long bob with piecey bangs


Design and socialite icon Nicole Richie looks brilliant with pretty and her long blond bob bangs. As the layers and feathered ends create the illusion of fuller, thicker locks this is an excellent bob hairstyle for fine, thin hair. Get your stylist -swept, piecey match your new hair’do with naked pink lips and smoky eye makeup for maximum sex appeal, and bangs for an enigmatic closing touch.

Jennifer Aniston Bob Hairstyle: Long, wispy bob


Humor celebrity Jennifer Aniston looks stunning with her long, wispy bob. The subtle layers give her hair that is fine body and great quantity, making her thin locks lively and dynamic. We adore Jenn’s ash blonde hair color, and the high- and low-lights that give her hair additional depth. Overall, this is a successful long bob hairstyle for 2014!

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