Hairstyles for Men An ultimate guide

Hairstyles for Men

Hairstyles for Men. The toughest men’s hairstyles will discover here: curls hairstyles, long hairstyles men, short hairstyles for men or a tough undercut kapsel … you’ll find great style inspiration to take them to the hairdresser. Discover here what these hairstyles and hair trends suit you best.

Hairstyles for Men:

The Hairstyles for Men  we see a lot undercut kapsels (hairstyles reminiscent of the hair styles for men in the 20s), but also hairstyles with tousled hair (wax is your best friend, but do not exaggerate!) or crew cut hair. Plenty of choice, I think?


comfortabele haarsnit kapsel voor jongeheer mannenkapsel mannenkapsel mannenkapsel
kort herenkapsel blond mannelijk kapsel warrig herenkapsel herenkapsel met lange zijkanten blauw geverfd haar voor heren

mannenkapsel mannenkapsel - Steven St. Clayr mannenkapsel - Steven St. Clayr opwippend herenkapsel moderne herensnit

kapsel voor jonge heren sportieve herensnit korte herensnit traditioneel herenkapsel nonchalant kapsel voor mannen

halflang herenkapsel moderne mannenlook hanekam langharige herenlook naar achter gestyled mannenkapsel

blonde jonge man moderne mannensnit ruige look voor heren glad kapsel voor mannen

Modern Hairstyles for Men

In recent years, men have become much more experimental with their hair. This desire has seemingly been driven by wanting to look unique, in addition to the freedom that comes with being able to express yourself through your hair. For fall, here are some of the most popular cuts, which you can easily adjust to suit your individual look. These cuts can also be tailored to meet your lifestyle needs and hair type.

reveals the hottest hair styles of the year that will carry you into the fall 2016 season.

Hairstyles for Men Hairstyles

mens hairstyles

Hairstyles for Men

men’s trendy hairstyles and those who are looking for the latest options offered by professional hairstylists will definitely find their style. Since nowadays being stylish is required for each men we find out the best hair styling ideas for you to try and to look even more handsome, attractive and masculine. Now, have a look at the below represented hairstyles and be inspired.Short Haircut for Men

classy short hairstyle for men 2016

Hairstyles for Men

Men who want to have a simple yet very cozy hairstyle for a long time may go for the short cuts. These haircuts are low-maintenance and allow you to bring out your face shape and facial features.
Short Haircut for Black Men

short haircut for black men 2016

Hairstyles for Men

Black men usually have unique curly type of hair which is not that easy to style in long forms, that’s why many famous people choose short haircuts. They are both comfy and stylish.Short Buzz Cut for Men

buzz cut for men 2016

Hairstyles for Men

Buzz cut is generally worn by army men but in case you are too busy to style your hair in time you are welcome to go for this low-maintenance haircut in 2016.Short Spiky Hairstyle for Men

short spiky haircut for men 2016

Hairstyles for Men

If you have enough texture on your top part that allows you to go for a trendy spiky hairstyle then often wear this boyish and playful look to draw attention.Short Curly Haircut

short curly haircut for men 2016

Hairstyles for Men

Men who have curly hair and want to get a more masculine and neat look should go for a short haircut. In case you have too voluminous curls you can make them sleeker by special hair products or hair gels.Short Pompadour Hairstyle

short pompadour hairstyle for men 2016

Hairstyles for Men

There are various pompadour hairstyles and this one is achieved on short hair. As you see the main part used to create the pompadour is the fringe. If you have log fringe you may make it tidier with the help of a pompadour hairstyle.Side Shaved Short Haircut

side shaved haircut for men 2016

Hairstyles for Men

As for side shaved cuts we can say that they are very requited among young boys. These haircuts are shaved on eth sides and a bit longer on the top part. This longer part is often styled in different ways.Side Shaved Haircut with Pompadour

side shaved haircut with pompadour 2016

Hairstyles for Men

So, here you see a cool side shaved haircut with a longer part which is styled into a neat pompadour hairstyle.Short Party Hairstyle for Men

party hairstyle for men 2016

Hairstyles for Men

Men who are in a search of a cool party hairstyle may like this options. It’s a short side combed sleek hairstyle with short sides that make it look quite clean and neat.Fade Haircut for Men

Many like the trendy fade haircuts due to their clean and tidy nature. The gradual change of these short cuts makes the style very beautiful especially when it is connected with facial hair.fade haircut for men with facial hair 2016Crew Cut Hairstyle

Crew cut looks like a fade cut but it’s a simpler short haircut with too short sides and a bit shaggy top part.crew cut for men 2016Classy Short Hairstyle

For schoolboys and for young guys who want to bring out their facial features the classy short haircut is just in point. This hairstyle can make you look more masculine and handsome.classy short hairstyle for men 2016Fade Haircut with Mohawk Hairstyle

When you choose a medium fade haircut you get too short sides and a bit longer top part which gives you the opportunity of going for the popular Mohawk or faux hawk hairstyle. It’s an eye-catching hairdo to be worn by men who seek for more attention.fade haircut with mohawk 2016Comb Over Retro Hairstyle

While women are confused in the variety of stylish retro hairstyles men carefully choose the best and the most elegant options. Actually retro haircuts are in medium length but they are beautifully combed over so that you can enjoy your own elegant and sleek look.comb over retro hairstyle for men 2016Backcombed Hairstyle

In case you have voluminous. Unruly or medium length hair and want to keep control over it you may choose the backcombed hairstyle. It’s one of the most convenient hairstyles especially for those who have long bangs.backcombed haircut for men 2016Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle

There are several types of undercut hairstyles and one of the most original versions is the disconnected undercut hairdo. It is a gradual transformation of cuts starting from the top and ending at the ear and has a kind of voluminous effect. This volume is generally provided by the millions of layers on the crown part.disconnected undercut hairstyle for men 2016

Undercut Hairstyle

Here is a classy example of the flashy undercut hairstyles. This is a side shaved haircut with long layered top part. It’s not a low-maintenance hairstyle and requires everyday care and styling.undercut hairstyle for men 2016Taper Fade Haircut for Black Men

Taper fade is the most requested haircut among black men. They pick this haircut because it’s suitable for their hair type, it’s stylish and it allows them to have a cleaner-looking hairstyle as well as to create various designs on the sides.taper fade haircut for black men 2016Hair Designs

Recently the tendency of wearing hair designs or the so called hair tattoos is increasing. Professional and creative hairstylists provide their clients with unique hair designs that make them stand out from the designs for men 2016Hair Designs for Black Men

These hair tattoos are more popular especially among black guys. They choose various deigns to style their short haircuts in more creative ways and solutions. Many famous black Hollywood stars often appear with new hair designs for black men 2016Korean Men’s Medium Haircut

Today the majority of young boys tend to copy medium length hairstyles. Since Korean men generally ear medium haircuts we represent you one of the most stylish Korean men’s hairstyles. This is medium shaggy haircut on straight hair that looks cool enough.korean men medium haircut 2016Layered Wavy Haircut

If you are looking for a trendy haircut for your wavy hair then have a look at this layered messy style. It is very astounding and attractive especially due to long fringe that hides the forehead.layered wavy haircut for men 2016Medium Backcombed Hairstyle

If you feel as if your medium hair annoys you and you wish to keep it out of your face you should consider the classy backcombed hairstyles. They are both sleek and festive.medium back combed hairstyle for men 2016Medium Classy Hairstyle

Opt for a classy look for special occasions. Even if you have medium hair you can go for a side combed elegant hairstyle for wedding days or for other formal parties.medium classy hairstyle for men 2016Medium Curly Pompadour Hairstyle

Creating a pompadour hairstyle on curly hair is quite easy. The volume of your own curls allows gives you the chance of getting a unique and lovely pompadour hairstyle.medium curly pompadour hairstyle for men 2016Medium Haircut with Long Fringe

Long bangs are the stylish bangs that beautifully cover your forehead. This style is often sported by men who want to add a mysterious touch to their look and to hide some face features.medium haircut for men with long fringe 2016Medium Haircut for Men with Side Swept Bangs

If the previous one is in a shaggy and carefree form then this is a very neat and festive medium haircut with side swept bangs. You can choose this for formal occasions.medium haircut for men with side bangs 2016Medium Layered Haircut

Medium layers give you more hair styling opportunities. They not only add volume, depth and dimension but are also styled in a variety of hairstyles.medium layered haircut for men 2016Medium Mohawk Hairstyle

Medium haircuts provide you with a more eye-catching Mohawk hairstyle. It is higher and makes you stand out from the crowd.medium mohawk hairstyle for men 2016Medium Pompadour Hairstyle

We have already spoken about short pompadour hairstyles and now the turn is for medium pompadour. Like the medium Mohawk hairstyle medium pompadour is also very flashy and engaging.medium pompadour hairstyle for men 2016 Medium Shaggy Haircut

Among shag haircuts medium hair is on the first place because this length is the most convenient length to get a messy or shaggy hairstyle.medium shaggy haircut for men 2016Medium Side Combed Hairstyle

If you want to make your medium carefree haircut a classy and neat hairstyle then go for a slicked side combed hairdo. It’s easy to get on medium hair and provides you with a stylish and sleek look.medium side combed hairstyle for men with beard 2016Medium Layered Wavy Haircut

Another medium haircut that looks very seductive is the wavy layered style. This hairstyle is for men who have thick and quite healthy locks.medium wavy haircut for men layered 2016Medium Wavy Pompadour Hairstyle

Since pompadour hairstyles are so popular I would like to represent you its wavy and medium version as well. Wavy pompadour hairstyle looks rather natural and festive.medium wavy popadour hairstyle for men 2016Sleek Side Combed Hairstyle

Here you see a great hairstyle for any man who wants to look seductive. The sleek, high-shine and neat look of this side combed hairstyle is really one of the most masculine hairstyles.sleek side combed hairstyle for men 2016Wet-Look Hairstyle

Lately famous celebrities both among men and women appear on the red carpet with unusual wet-look hairstyles. Actually this style is suitable for medium to long hairstyles and tends to keep your hair out of your face. On the other hand it brings out your face shape and face features.wet look hairstyle for men 2016Medium Curly Haircut for Black Men

Black boys who like their curly hair but want to keep it in a tidy style are welcome to try the medium length haircut. Medium haircuts are very trendy in 2016 and they draw much attention.medium curly haircut for black men 2016Long Hairstyle for Men

Do you like long hairstyles? Keep in mind that they tend to bring a bit of feminine touch in your look but as soon as you match it with beards the so desired masculine look is again back with all its seduction. So, if you go for a long hairstyle keep it healthy, straight, sometimes refresh with layers and try to combine with handsome beards.long hairstyle for men 2016Low Bun Hairstyle for Men

Males with long hair may often need to have their locks gathered in a comfy hairstyle. So, low bun is here for you. As you see in this case again beard plays a great role in keeping your masculine look.knot hairstyle for men 2016Half Ponytail for Men

Another stylish hairdo for long medium to long hair is the half ponytail. This is a kind of combo of half bun and half pony that keep your hair out of your face and again works with cool beards.half ponytail for men 2016So, the following hairstyles are men’s trendy hairstyles for 2016 that you can consider for various occasions. Try to choose the ones that go with your face shape, hair type and taste.

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