Different people, different hair colors: cool and warm tones

Cristianas.com Different people, different hair colors: cool and warm tones

“Can you once make an article about what hair color is suitable for any type?” What a great idea. As you have probably noticed meanwhile, paints Willemijn and I often our hair. We love it and I am especially fond of experimenting with both cool and warm colors. But how do you determine now what you state? First, you then come to the endless chatter about which type you are. For that you or let you do a color analysis or experiment with what you think. Are you cool or warm? There are some simple guidelines to see if you are cool or warm. You can look at your skin tone. Do you have some pink tones in your skin, you are usually cooler. Do you have more olive / red tones in your skin then it may be that you’re a hot type.

You can also try it with a piece of gold / silver cloth or jewelry that color. What color refreshes your skin more and let more jets eyes? As I said, it is a guide and you do you certainly do not hold up if you do not feel like it. I experiment with both cool and warm looking at my hair. Below I have compiled a list for you. It is a general list of colors that are considered ‘cool’ and ‘warm’.

Cool Warm hair colors hair colors

Asblond Goudblond
Asbruin Hazel
Cool Copper Red Brown
Naturally brown Russet
Bordeaux red Auburn
Eggplant red Chocolate
Blue black course black

Warm, light golden brown hair color

Again a beautiful, golden-brown hair

Our Doutzen with its beautiful golden blonde locks!

Ooh, bright copper red. Daring but very cool!

Hot, red hair. The copper undertone makes it a warm color. Very nice!

And Black does not have to be bad no color when you’re a hot type as long as it has no natural blue undertone.

I also have read in a magazine the following about her cool and warm colors.

If you fall under the category of cool, you can avoid the better gold, yellow and bronze. These colors can make you dull and pale.The best hair colors suit you are asbruine blonde hair colors and colors in different tones of platinum blond to ice white. You’re lucky if you likes to wear unnatural colors, because that suits you very well.

(Hey, that sounds quite like Martine..herken you do this to yourself as well?)

If you fall under the category of warm, you prefer blue, purple, white and dark black to avoid her. Natural black hair suits you fine. Chocolate brown hair, golden hair color and red hair colors let you shine. Highlights are also very beautiful and can bring warm tones in your hair.

(Well, if that Willemijnher cup of tea is not … ID on yourself?) Enough about hot rumored, it’s time for some cool (read: cool) hair color photos!

Wow, wow and wow again. IJsblond still remains (secretly) a favo hair of mine.
Too bad it’s such a difficult color to maintain.

Light ash blonde. Also a beautiful color especially with the highlights.

Natural brown. Beautiful in its simplicity. For me personally, I would consider it a tikkie boring.

Eggplant red. So I now have around. A very cool mix of red and purple.

Bordeaux / Burgundy red. Also very beautiful. You would tend to have a warm color when you see it at first glance, but when you look more, you can see that it is a very deep red without copper tones that tends more toward the purple / red side.

Ooit..ooit I take another blue-black and / or blue, dark brown hair. Mysterious and weird!

Of course it is fine if you know what hair color good on you. But it’s really a matter of guts + experiment and a hairdresser with a great vision, which also looks at what you could stand and not just throwing petrol blue in it. I hope at least that you have gained some inspiration from here and what I want to give is: do not stick to guidelines but do what you like. Search for images of her beautiful colors that you like and save them. Always good, I always do and I consult with Jasper or what!

I now also partly a warm and cool color. The purple / red is cool but the oranges are really hot out there by themselves around.Mixing can also be a nice solution if you see a color you beautiful, but you know that you’re not. Although many of you think that I can have it all, that’s not true! I guess I’m just a little more daring than most and apply my makeup and clothes on my hair.Copper Red is really disgusting to me (yes, really!), But if I would like that color, I do a cool brown color and then highlights as copper red through it with some eggplant lowlights..ofzo. Problem solved!

What is your most favo hair and what hair color do you like yourself?

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