Chestnut Brown Hair Unique Color Hairstyles Ideas

Chestnut brown hair is a neutral hair color which is sometimes met as a natural shade. Many brunettes have natural chestnut brown locks which have several shades of chestnut. Actually it’s a feminine and cool color that goes with most complexions. Especially dark and olive skin toned women have such hair color.chestnut brown hair colors 2016Very often blondes go for light chestnut brown shade when they need to change their light color. It helps them bring out their complexion and beautifully goes with dark eyes as well as with light eye colors. It looks nice on long and medium length hair.

Medium Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Medium chestnut brown is a warm hair color ready to sparkle under the rays of the sun. It sometimes looks dark and sometimes quite light depending on the lights under which your hair looks. If you have dark hair and want to make it a bit lighter, then the medium chestnut brown is the best thing for you. It’s extremely flexible and versatile and allows you to keep your natural charm.Medium Chestnut Brown Hair Color 2017Dark Chestnut Brown Hair Color

If you feel better with darker shades and don’t want to opt for a black hue you’d better make your choice between dark chestnut brown hair colors. Chestnut has both light and dark hues and this the main secret why it looks so rich. Dark chestnut brown hair is always healthy and stronger-looking. With such a fresh hair color you will bring out your complexion and the real beauty of your locks.dark Chestnut Brown Hair Color 2017Reddish Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Medium skin tones usually require dark hair colors with reddish undertones. When it comes to chestnut hair colors, you are welcome to opt for the reddish chestnut brown shade. It’s a really soft and lovely hair color with a kind of golden touch in it. The reddish hues combined with the shiny chestnut brown create a well-balanced effect with medium and warm skin tones.reddish chestnut brown hair color 2017Chestnut Brown Highlights

Dark hair always looks subtler with chestnut brown highlights. Whether you have a short or long haircut, you’ll easily embrace it with chestnut highlights. Light highlights make dark hair very sophisticated and attractive. Something layered is perfect for such a subtle transformation. Focus on the front strands and the layers and achieve the desired stunning touch.chestnut brown highlights 2017Chestnut Brown Ombre Hair Color

The warm and sweet ombre hair colors created on naturally dark hair provide us with a fabulous celebrity charm. Now instead of admiring those inspiring celebrity looks we can create our own trendy hairstyle with chestnut brown ombre. You can blend it with your base hair color to keep everything natural and glamorous.Chestnut Brown Ombre Hair Color 2017

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Brunettes

If you are a brunette you can experiment with any shade of chestnut brown. Women that want to darken their hair color can go for dark chestnut hue and those that have too dark hair and wish to make it a bit lighter can take light chestnut brown. Depending on your eye color you can pick either a dark or a light shade of chestnut. It’s also great when you need to hide your greys without changing your brunette hair.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Brunettes

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Brunettes

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Blondes

Blondes that want to go for a brown shade can start form the lightest chestnut brown hair color. As we have already mentioned above, this color can bring out fair skin tone and light eyes. You will get a healthy and fresh-looking hair which will change your entire appearance. This can be considered as a radical change because blondes look unique in chestnut brown shades.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Blondes

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Blondes

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for Redheads

Though red hair color is very original and most redheads prefer not to change it’s shade but there are cases when you get tired of your hair color and need a transformation. If you want a dark shade you can take chestnut brown. Think carefully before changing your adorable hue and take into account your complexion.

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for redheads

Chestnut Brown Hair Color for redheads

Maintain Your Hair Color

In order to maintain your hair color you are expected to use hair color protective products. Take a shampoo and conditioner special for colored hair. Try to do touch ups to keep the shine and the freshness of your shade.

chestnut brown hair 2016

chestnut brown hair 2016

Chestnut brown hair color 2016

Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Dark Chestnut Brown Hair

Dark Chestnut Brown Hair

Regardless of your styling and skin tone, this hair color is ideal for all types of hair and women. The dark hair color is natural and looks great on all skin tones.

Hand Painted Balayage Chestnut Brown Hair

Balayage Chestnut Brown Hair

Customize your hair with the vibrant brown. You can also highlight your hair with the same color for your hairstyling.

Bronde Chestnut Brown Hair

Lively Chestnut Brown Hair

The lively color of bronde brown is cool and unique. You can get this hair color for your hair it is a great idea and option for you.

Spring Blossom Chestnut Brown Hair

Spring Chestnut Brown Hair

This is an exotic hue of the brown color. For fair skin complexion this hair color helps your face to glow and for the darker complexion, it does the same in a gorgeous way.

Multidimensional Brown Hair

Multidimensional Chestnut Brown Hair

The multidimensional shade of brown is just speechless. This iconic shade of brown is soft and most natural of all.

Auburn to Light Brown Hair

Auburn to Light Chestnut Brown Hair

The hair color between the auburn to light shade is a gorgeous one. The hair color goes from the auburn features to the light one with light orange highlights.

Splash Lighthting Brown Hair

Splashlighting Chestnut Brown Hair

Have you tried the new version of a new hair color trend, the ‘splash lighting’? This is a happening shade for women’s to try. The highlights hit from the mid-shaft and had a shiny reflection effect.

Deep Copper Chestnut Brown Hair

Copper Chestnut Brown Hair

The rich shade of deep copper spiked brown is a perfect color to get a unique hair color for you to try. This shade looks great on women with a bright complexion.

Rich Mocha Brown Hair

Rich Mocha Chestnut Brown Hair

The rich mocha shade is also a great option for you to try. You can go for faded features of this shade from the mid shaft. The color gets lighter at the ends.

Light Chestnut Brown Hair

Light Chestnut Brown Hair

The light shades of this hair color are warm and perfect to brighten up your look. The hair color is natural and gives the color strength.

Subtle Brown Hair

Subtle Chestnut Brown Hair

The subtle brown hair color is similar to the dark brown hair color. The hair color adds a lovely glow to your look.

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