Amber Rose with hair Long and Short

Amber Rose with hair

Amber Rose with hair. Amber Rose is known in Hollywood for her signature buzz cut — but this star just revealed a new ‘do that’s making everyone take a second look!

She recently shared this Instagramphoto in which she’s sporting blonde,Marilyn Monroe-inspired hair just before filming an episode for her talk show, The Amber Rose Show.

We’re not sure if this retro look is here to stay, but we’re loving it on her!

Amber Rose Hair 14

Amber Rose with hair

Amber Rose with hair

Amber Rose with hair

Amber Rose with hair

She is well known for a number of things – dating Kanye, having a baby Wiz Khalifa, being the owner of a big booty and of course for having a shaved head.

But Amber Rose wasn’t always bald – nope, the 31-year-old once had a full head of hair and we’re obsessed with it.

The star looks like a completely different person with long locks, completely different.


Amber Rose with hair

Amber Rose with hair

Amber now

It’s been a while though since she’s had hair as she first started shaving it all off when she was just 19.

At the time she was living in a housing project in The Bronx and was working as a stripper.

One day she decided to take a razor to her head and just started shaving.

Speaking about that time she said: “After I shaved, it I cried for a few days, until I realized it looked dope.


Amber Rose with hair

Amber with big hair

And here she is with her new style.

Amber Rose leaves Club Penthouse in West Hollywood

Amber Rose with hair

(Picture: Splash News)

And Amber with a TON of hair.

amber rose

(Picture: Amber Rose/Instagram)

Amber with brown hair.

amber rose instagram

(Picture: Amber Rose/Instagram)

Sinead O’Connor was a bald-headed bad-ass, and I loved her.”

Her buzz cut helped propel her into fame and she quickly caught the eye of Kanye West who took her under his wing and used her as his muse.

These days she shaves her head twice a week and has said: “I don’t even know how girls deal with hair.”

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