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3c Hairstyles

What is 3c hairstyles?

3c hairstyles. Type 3 curlies are what we would call curly to tight curly. This category tends to be the most defined while also being susceptible to frizz depending on the weather. 3a curlies have a loopy “S” curls that are big and loose. 3B curlies tend to have springier curls that range from ringlets to corkscrews. They also have shrinkage and tend to have a coarser texture. 3C curlies are a combination of curly and coily strands that are tightly coiled and experience the most shrinkage out of the three. They are usually very dense strands and their coils are voluminous and tight.

3c Hairstyles

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Type 3C ← Cool Curly Hair

3c Hairstyles

3c Hairstyles

3C Archives – Shinestruck

3c Hairstyles

3c Hairstyles


3c Hairstyles

3c Hairstyles

Natural Hair Styles: Twa – Shinestruck

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Kara // 3C Natural Hair Style Icon | Black Girl with Long Hair

Holly // 3C Natural Hair Style Icon | Black Girl with Long Hair



HOW TO STYLE TYPE 3c Hairstyles

Not sure what to do with your hair? Here are some styling options.

5 Everyday Hairstyles 3c Hairstyles

From bobby pins to tube socks, AndreasChoice shares her five favorite everyday styles that are easy, breezy, and fun. These go-to styles are quick, frizz friendly, and great for those days when the weather is not cooperating.

Curly Updos w/ Accessories / 3c Hairstyles

Curly girls always look great with updos! Whether pining for the perfect wedding look, a night out, or just to run errands, a quick updo will get you on your way to looking fabulous and moving fast. Accessories are key to the sassy updo, so Bianca Renee shows us how to rock several updos that can completely change with your choice of accessories.

A Flawless Wash & Go / 3c Hairstyles

The wash and go is one of the most popular, misunderstood, highly beautiful hairstyles for a type 3 curly. There are several ways to achieve a wash and go. Everyone wants to rock one but many steer clear of them because they fear it is only for certain hair types. Not so curlies! Wavies, coilies and curlies alike garner exceptional wash and go styles. BeautyByLee shares her simple and stunning take on the ever popular style.

Halo Updo / 3c Hairstyles

Type 3 curlies love to protective style as much as the type 4’s because the object is to protect your strands regardless of your curl, wave, or coil type! The lovely SunKissAlba shares this super easy and elegant halo updo. No braiding or technical hands necessary for this style. If you can twist then you can create this style with ease. All you need are your fingers, your toned arms (there is a ton of twisting), and a host of bobby pins (which every curly girl already has). This look can be spiced up with flowers, sparkling hair pins, or a headband. Apply a satin or silk scarf at night for the style to keep.

Heatless Waves: Summer Braid Out / 3c Hairstyles

Sara or better known as Waterlily716 has gorgeous type 3 curls that shine and radiate healthiness. We love her tutorials and her simple, yet effective tips that allow you to master some really great styles. As I mentioned before, type 3 curlies can rock the very same styles as type 4’s, so sit back and watch a great video on her braid out that’s perfect for the summer!

TYPE 3 PRODUCTS / 3c Hairstyles

Each year our editors vote on their favorite products for their hair type  We give Type 3 and 3C their own categories as there can be a marked difference in the types of products they reach for. The products that perform well on your hair will also be greatly impacted by your porosity, but this list is a good jumping off point if you’re looking for new products.

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