30+ Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Beautiful Hairstyles

Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Red Ombre Hair

Red Ombre hair are still a trend. If you love red hair, you won’t miss today’s post. Today’s post will introduce some trendy red ombre hair designs to you. Maybe they are not exact red, but they are fresh and shiny under the sunshine. As some of the hair designs are between red and orange, they give an ultra-beautiful look to women.

Ombre hairstyles can suit curls as well as straight hair. It’s amazing that the hair is two-tone ombre one which transition from orange to red or from black to red. If you want a perfect color you want, you can ask a skillful stylist to give some advice and to dip-dye the hair in order to have a perfect look.

Here are red ombre hairstyle designs below. Check them out and start a new day with a red ombre do.

Ombre hair is all the rage now, with it’s bold take on color! If you are looking for a fun new ombre style, red ombre hair is stunning and sexy! We have composed a collection of 27 red ombre styles in different tones, complete with photos. Choose a bold new look for summer!

Take a look at our complete photo gallery of red ombre for long hair. Have a happy pinning!

Photos Red Ombre Hair

27 Best Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

27 Best Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Long Hair

Diverse Red Ombre Hair

Diverse Red Ombre Hair via

Red Ombre Hair

Red Ombre Hair via

Red Straight Hair

Red Straight Hair via

Red Ombre Hair with Blunt Bangs

Red Ombre Hair with Blunt Bangs via

Red Ombre Hairstyle

Red Ombre Hairstyle via

Red Ombre Hair with Side Part

Red Ombre Hair with Side Part via

Breezy Ombre Hair

Breezy Ombre Hair via

Ombre Fishtail

Ombre Fishtail via

Ombre Waves

Ombre Waves via

Two-tone Hair

Two-tone Hair via

Sunny Ombre Hair

Sunny Ombre Hair via

Curly Ombre Hair

Curly Ombre Hair via

Ombre Hair for Soft Waves

Ombre Hair for Soft Waves via

Romantic Hair

Romantic Hair via

Orange Hair

Orange Hair via

Blonde and Red Hair

Blonde and Red Hair via

Tips For Maintaining Red Hair:

Ready to be dazzled?

Me too! Here are 25 super fun, super beautiful and super creative…

Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas:


1. Gothic Red

Is it just me or is Hayley’s contouring seriously on point? And those Kylie lips…Gorgeous!

The coloring was done with Overtone’s red and pinks.

gothic brown and red ombre hair

Instagram/ via hayleydollx


2. Mother Of Dragons (Brown To Flaming Red Ombre)

Holy Game of Thrones goals!

Insanely epic coloring makes this dragon scale braid a must have for Daenerys Targaryen fans. Hair color specialist Kasey O’Hara Skrobe shows you how to turn Arctic Fox hair colorinto pure magic.

brown to red ombre on long hair

Instagram/ via hairbykaseyoh


3. Black To Red Ombre

Are you as obsessed with this look as we are?

A swoon worthy black and red fishtail braid using Vegan and Cruelty-Free Poison red from Arctic Fox.

black and red hair arctic fox hair color

Instagram/ via arcticfoxhaircolor


4. Red Ombre Short Hair

Stunning barolo red hair from Gitty & Goff.

A sporty red ombre that looks amazing with bobs and shoulder length styles. You can achieve these fiery waves using Arctic Fox Wrath, Poison, Purple Rain and Sunset Orange.

short hair red ombre gitty and goff

Instagram/ gitty_und_goeff


5. Rockstar Red And Brown Ombre

I’m so loving this badass look from Marissa Mae Neel.

Hair stylist Liza Margaret used Joico’s Fiery Coral by hand after a glorious red touch up to the dark brown base.

red ombre hair

Instagram/ via maeipaint


6. Auburn Ombre On Blonde Hair

Such a cool color!

Alexa used Feria Intense Deep Auburn for the root color. And finished up the ends with Intense Medium Auburn. The brown ombre hair extensions are from Foxy Locks.

red ombre on blonde hair

Instagram/ via alexasunshine83

You can see how Alexa got this glowing look in this helpful video…

Red Ombre Hair Tutorial:


7. Red Ombre For Dark Hair

I am obsessed with this hair color. Seriously.

Hairstylist Sydney Batt used Pulp Riot’s “Fireball” for this stunning long hair melt.

red ombre long hair

Instagram/ via syd_viicious


8. Beautiful Red Velvet

Looking for something a little less bold?

Go for a sophisticated, burgundy infused, balayage ombre. California hair Constance Robbins did a spectacular job starting with a dark red base.

red ombre on dark hair

Instagram/ via constancerobbins


9. Flaming Locks


Ning Ning’s flaming look is so fresh and alive…This is truly next level.

red ombre for dark hair

Instagram/ via ningningwow


10. Red And Black Ombre Queen

Goth Girl Power…Activate!

I’m not sure where to start. What else can I say? Except, Kristen Marie’s entire look is PERFECT AF!!

red and black hair style

Instagram/ via kristen.dolly

And just in case you were wondering (because I know I was!), you can get that insanechoker at her Etsy store. And the adorable bow from Starry Eyed.

red and black long hair

Instagram/ via kristen.dolly


11. Red Ombre Medium Length Hair

The lips…The Hair…Perfection…

Brenda used a beautiful Magenta from Loreal to get this stunning red glow.

red ombre medium length hair

Instagram/ via beautymarqued


See how she got this look…

Red Ombre Hair Tutorial:


12. Daring Black And Red Long Hair

I’ll let this jaw-dropping look speak for itself.

12. Red Hot

Red hair can warm the coldest day and this is particularly true in winter. Ideally you should color your hair black and your roots red. It will create a stunning but subtle look. If you wish your hair to be more noticeable add some red to the ends of your hair; just be sure to match your roots!

13. Curly Wurly

Color your scalp hair a light red and then follow this down with either a slow warming of the red or a sudden switch to a deep red. Curl your hair and ideally have layers put in. Uneven layers can work exceptionally well. The look is pure rock chick!

14. Paint the Rainbow

As its name suggests this style works on adding a variety of colors to your hair. For the best look you should use three or four different colors; keep all colors bright and cheerful. Then streak some red through all the colors to create a perfect rainbow and hair which will turn heads. Definitely one for those who love to have fun!

15. The Curler

Your hair will need to be at least shoulder length and have tight curls, either naturally or put in. Color all your hair red, except for the scalp. This should be done a golden brown or honey. The tighter the curls the more the two colors will shine through.

16. Red Bob

Your hair needs to be cut into a bob! When having your hair cut add a few layers to increase the volume of your hair and then lightly run some red through all your hair. Add a mix of light browns and dark browns into your hair and enjoy the results. Your hair will look stunning and different from every angle.

17. Retro Red

red ombre hairstyle_17

Pick two different shades of red, preferably a bright, almost pink color and a deeper red.  Blend both colors into your hair and add a few rolling curls. Do not curl your hair tightly; you are after a retro look! For added effect layer your hair and part it into the different layers.

18. Red Edge

red ombre hairstyle

This will suit almost any hairstyle and hair color. Your natural color can remain on top or you can opt for a dark brown or black. Simply color the very ends of your hair red and allow them to fall, tousled onto your shoulders or back. This is the perfect party animal look.

19. Funky Dip

This style is a twist on the standard red tipped hair. Color your roots either a pale red or even a light blue. Allow this to fade into your natural hair color and then back into the red tips. To make this look extra special move the red slightly back from the tips and add a blue finish. You will look stunning!

20. Red Blonde

red ombre hairstyle_20

Red head or blondie? Color your hair red from the roots to the top of your shoulders; ideally it should fade out towards the shoulders and into a blond color of your choice. Your hair should have a few waves and not be too brushed; it will give you the chic look.


22. Flamed

Some people with darker hair may struggle to carry off the red head look; too much red will simply overpower your features. Instead you should try fading two colors into your hair.  Try a dark red at your roots and flame red streaks through your hair. Red hot will be an understatement!

23. The Professional

red ombre hairstyle_23

This look will work in the office, at home or even out for dinner, drinks and a dance. Your hair should be blended with two colors, preferably a blond and a gentle red. Style your hair as normal and you will have a woman that needs to be taken seriously; no matter what the setting.

24. The Natural

Choose a deeper red color that a natural red head would have and dye your roots this color. Then, dye the rest of your hair a slightly lighter red. Your hair will look naturally red; add a few waves or layers to create the perfect look.

25. Back to Black

Long straight hair or long curly hair can be brightened by adding a cherry red to the tips and a few streaks in the lower parts of your hair. The red will be noticeable only in certain lights and will create an illusion that your hair is changing color. Guaranteed to keep any man guessing!

26. Blood Red Orange

Red and orange can work exceptionally well on your hair; if applied properly. A medium red can be blended with a light orange to give a natural looking, vibrant and fun hairstyle.  Wavy hair helps to keep the look natural, whilst the lighter colors make your hair shine.

27. Straight Up Dip Die

red ombre hairstyle_27

This is another style that looks perfect on longer hair. Keep your natural color from roots to half way down your hair. Then add a vibrant red to your hair but fade some of the tips. The bottom part of your hair will become a mixture of reds, it will turn heads!

28. Winter Red

Winter brings cold breezes and this style is designed to look its best in the breeze. Your roots need to be naturally black or colored black. The rest of your hair should have alternating streaks of blonde and a light red. Add in a half parting to create the perfect winter look.

29. Red Fishtail

This style of hair is dominated by the striking fishtail. For it to work your hair should be a mild pink with red streaks running through it. Your hair should be swept back from your face and into the fishtail. The colors will shine and catch anyone’s eye; even from a distance!

30. The Romantic

Create a soft, romantic look by adding a deep red to the lower half of your hair. This should be blended with your natural hair color and a few waves will add softness which suit any romantic occasion. Ideally, the top half of your hair should be a darker color and brushed straight. This will add to the look.

Make your choice and go for the hot red ombre that best matches with your personal style. Choose wisely and let your locks be a canvas for the coolest and most innovative hairstyle.



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